The Faith of the Heart

Ever tried to hear God in the middle of confusion or in-between something you don’t understand and you’re trying to get answers? How did it go? I’ve come to learn that He speaks in the silence, in the stillness, in the quiet place, thus doesn’t talk when there’s noise, or when I am paying attention to other voices and conversations in and outside my head, apart from His. He’s a jealous God and He wants to be the only one we listen to (quick example ???? :When you’re trying to talk to your significant other but they’re busy with something else, and you think they’re ignoring you and so you get mad at!).

I have tried, more than once, to hear God when am in the middle of something challenging, where I don’t know the way forward and I desperately need direction coz I don’t want to make a wrong move, and I keep asking and telling Him to talk to me, show me the direction to follow, but at the same time I am entertaining other voices in my head (I’ve no idea where they come from and assemble in my head), and they all have got something to say, and it gets tricky to distinguish the voice of God from the rest, honestly. So what do I do when this happens? Go with the voice/decision that I see fit and appropriate for the situation I’m in, but even so I’ll keep asking myself, “Is this God’s will? Is this what He would have me go for or do?” Trust me, in the inside I’m hoping and praying it is. Do I like it this way? Absolutely not, coz I don’t want to do or go against His will (perfect will). You and I know how that goes. It’s messy. Sometimes I know why I can’t hear Him, other times I ask myself why He’s silent even when I hush and try to be still so that I can hear Him.

It’s not easy especially when you aren’t sure what is going on, and you get frustrated coz God is mum on you, and you keep asking Him, “Where are you God, in all this, why are You silent on me?” I know the Bible says, in John 10:27 that “The sheep that are My own hear My voice and listen to Me; I know them, and they follow Me”, and I’m sure I am one of His many sheep, but just because I can hardly hear Him doesn’t mean I am not His sheep. I’ll show you why and how in a few, but just before that, it’s good to know that God will not always talk when we expect Him to, but when He wants to. You’ll find yourself fasting and praying for days and after that, see no change, trust me, I’ve been there. I’m made to understand that this happens because we’re not ready for His answer, and He sees that when He answers or gives us what we’re asking for, it will ruin us, and so He waits until we’re ready to handle it-the Blessing. However, I understand that sheep will hardly hear their shepherd’s voice if they’re busy chatting with one another, trying to hear and weigh their friends’ opinions about something they want solved, unless they block every distraction and decide to only pay attention to their shepherd’s voice, the voice of truth.