One of the best ways of developing and growing in our relationship with Jesus and with each other is through involvement in ministry.
Join us! We would love to have you take part in becoming more like Christ and finding meaningful and fulfilling ways to use your gifts to serve God.

CrossPoint Home Fellowships are the perfect platforms of equipping disciples and of aligning and implementing Church Core Values, Vision, and Mission, Beliefs, Sound doctrine, Church programs and for providing primary care to each other, as well as for spiritual accountability.


Marriage Enrichment Department is a semi autonomous ministry under RUACH Ministries. Our mission is to create events where Married couples both within and outside Ruach Ministries can , interact with each other with the intention to learn, have fun and encourage each other.


The purpose of Kingdom Woman Ministry is to glorify God by encouraging women to know God personally and grow in their spiritual walk and to discover and use spiritual gifts to serve God and others. This ministry encourages women to love and foster relationships that transcend outside church.


This is the Men’s ministry that provides the men of RUACH assemblies with a place to plug in and fellowship with one another. We train and equip men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, in the church and the workplace.

Care & Counseling

Care and counselling ministries endeavour to create an environment where people can feel comfortable to express themselves, get encouragement and get support when experiencing hard times.

Ruach Next-Gen

Ruach-Next-Gen is the youth ministry of Ruach Assembly and our mission is to plant the truth of the Gospel in the path of every young person in our community, city, continent and the world at large.


The RUACH Kids is the children’s ministry. Our desire is that the children discover their identity in Christ and grow to be confident, powerful disciples of Jesus Christ and to live out their purpose here on Earth.