Kids Ministry


Ruach Kids is the children’s ministry for the  RUACH Assemblies. We firmly believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and our aim is to train up the children to be grounded to this truth and to build their values and principles based on the word of God.

Our desire is that the children discover their identity in Christ as well as become confident, powerful disciples of Jesus Christ and to live out their purpose here on Earth.

GUIDING SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 22:6 (Amp)

“Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it”

Mission: Teaching the word of God, instilling obedience and good morals in the lives of the children so that they can be the light in the world.

Vision: Raising the next generation of Kingdom champions, to grow and develop to their maximum potential, teaching them to know, love  and obey God.

In order to fulfill the mission and vision our goal is to continuously develop our leaders and encourage them to grow in their place of calling. We also strive to improve and maintain communication, encourage parent participation and inclusion in the spiritual growth of their children.


Our curriculum ensures that the children receive Biblical lessons from both the New and Old testament. It is designed for teachers to teach verse by verse. All the children receive activity worksheets and colouring pictures to help transport them into the story as well as engage them in the lesson.

Sunday Experience

Large group worship. All the children are together for a time of praise and worship, prayer and devotion.

Small group teaching.

This is where the children are taught Bible lessons in their appropriate age groups. We have various activities that help them reinforce the lessons taught. We provide snacks to all the children before lesson ends.

Scripture Memory.

We encourage all the children to learn God’s word and apply in their lives. We have creative ways of doing this so that it is enjoyable and fun.

Revival Sunday.

All the Sunday school children join their parents in the main sanctuary for part of the service. It is important that our children understand the elements of worship in the adult church and feel that they belong to the congregation.

Ministry Set Up

Creche – There is crèche for parents with children below the age of three. Here the parents can enjoy being part of the service as their children are occupied with toys and play. There is a crèche attendant who looks after their welfare.

Little Angels Ages 3-5 years – This is where our Sunday School begins. We have designed the curriculum to equip your child with foundational knowledge of basic bible stories as well as know how to pray, obey and demonstrate basic etiquette.

Saints B 6-8 years – These three years are the beginning of an exciting journey for your child in the study of the Bible. We aim that your child  will have a growing personal relationship with God.

Disciples Ages 9-12 – At this stage the children are developing critical and analytical skills, therefore our lessons are interactive and enable them to relate what they learn to their own situations. We also encourage the children to explore various ways to serve.

Programs and Activities

Celebrating birthdays and movie Sunday – This is our fun day event for all the children age 3 years and above. We celebrate all the children born within the quarter with cake and party snacks and enjoy an family movie together.

Praise and Worship Ministry.

We want to see our children experience leadership and service as well as  develop their talent and skills in singing and music.

We meet  twice a month for training in the principles of worship, Bible study and fellowship.

Baptism classes

We offer baptism classes twice a year to children 9-12 years who have made a personal commitment to Jesus. Preparation is over a 3 weeks and  is done in partnership with the child’ parents. After this they are baptized in public by water immersion and a certificate is issued to the graduate.

Children’s Presentation Sunday.

Once a year, the children have a variety of presentations that involves all the children in the main service.

We also have children’s presentations during our anniversary celebrations, Easter and Christmas.

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