Ruach Next-Gen

Ruach-Next-Gen is the youth ministry of RUACH Assembly  and our mission is to plant the truth of the Gospel in the path of every young person in our community, city, continent and the world at large, bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and disciple into influential and effective Kingdom Champions who bear the image of Christ in their lives and practice.

Our mandate: Luke 4:19
Our desire is to combine the invitation to come and follow with the challenge to go and make disciples.

The departments:
We have 3 departments in the youth ministry:

Pacesetters (pre-teens)

This is the transitional class between Sunday school and Teens church.

We run it on the Tanari trust’s “Rites of Passage Experiences” manual (ROPES) and it runs for a period of one year. It is led by a vibrant team of volunteer adults and we meet every Monday and Tuesday from 5-6pm.

Trendsetters (Teens)

This is the Teens church and it includes all those who are in their high school years from ages 14-17. It is a band of some of the most dynamic young people you will ever meet.

We host for them a Sunday service from 11am -12 noon and a Bible study on Wednesdays from 6-7pm.

Forge (Young adults)

The campus students and young professionals form a large component of our ministry team members spanning from worship to ushering and leadership. However, they also have specific needs that require to be addressed. Thus, in partnership with YHub NetworX, we’ve launched a weekly fellowship on Thursdays from 8-9:30pm